Maybe Canada Did It

The Ambassador Bridge

My quick trip to over the border this afternoon got me thinking… maybe Canada did it. Living in Detroit my whole life with the Great White North just a twenty minute drive from home, I have always enjoyed visiting our neighbors. Whether it be a long weekend in Toronto or Montreal, or a couple hours spent across the river in Windsor, it’s always a thrill to be in another country (even if the only way to tell I’ve left the States is seeing the signs in English and French – sortie!).

I have been a big fan of many things Canadian for a long time. Hockey, The Tragically Hip, Canadian ketchup and ketchup chips (yes, it’s so delicious they’ve made it a potato chip flavor) are just a few of my Canadian loves. While it’s not exactly culture shock, I have always appreciated the somewhat subtle differences of the Canadian way of life.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that it all started there. Canada triggered my wanderlust, my never ending desire to visit new places and experience new cultures (even if they’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away, eh).


5 Comments on “Maybe Canada Did It

  1. I really like the star burst effect on the bridge lights. f/16 or f/22? How lucky you are to be able to visit Toronto and Montreal so easily!

    • Thanks Bruce! I wish I could tell you which f-stop I used, but unfortunately my hard drive crashed this week and I haven’t had a chance to get lightroom up and running again to check :(

  2. Perfectly exposed, balanced framing, nice composition… we get to witness both great places and the ongoing evolution of a photographer I hope to hear a lot from.



  3. If Canada actually started your wanderlust, this is a nice tribute to your big neighbour in the north (by the way did you know that Canada is the second biggest country in the world, after Russia, and covers 6,7 percent of the earth’s surface). A very nice picture of the Ambassador Bridge, by the way.

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