3 Things I Learned from the Big Island

Visiting Hawaii gave me the opportunity to slow down (even though we had a non-stop agenda), get away from the stress of everyday life, and gain a fresh perspective on the important things. Reconnecting with nature, taking in the sweet air, stopping to soak in the beauty that surrounded me, I recognized that I could take away some valuable lessons from the Big Island.

1) Ignore the scary things along your path and just keep going

I was terrified to continue down a rainforest trail once I spotted some big, crunchy spiders looming in the foliage, but if I hadn’t continued on, I would have missed so much. Too often I let the little things scare me from moving forward with something I really want to go after, but like worrying what might crawl up my leg in a beautiful Hawaiian garden, I need to get over my fears of what might happen and focus on the waterfalls, palms, and orchids of life.

2) Jump right in

I had been really looking forward to the opportunity to snorkel with dolphins out in the Pacific ocean, but my crazy imagination (and the fact that I’ve watched Jaws a few too many times) got me a little panicky once it was time to get in the water. After some deep breaths and the added security of a noodle (tiger sharks would never go after someone with a long floaty thing), I was able to relax and truly enjoy the experience. Each time we stopped to get in the water, I felt more at ease and learned to jump right in. I didn’t want to miss a second of swimming with these beautiful, graceful creatures. I guess life should always be like that. If there is something you want to experience or accomplish, jump right in and stop wasting time.

3) Always be ready

You never know when an amazing opportunity will come your way, and like trying to capture spinner dolphins jumping out of the water, you need to always be ready.

Hopefully my new braver, bolder, ready-to-pounce-on-any-opportunity-that-comes-my-way self will stick around for awhile. I’m ready for some great adventures.


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    • I really enjoyed your blog! Hope you find some good things on mine :) Thanks for stopping by!

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