The Great Pololu Escape

I could use a great escape today (it was a rough one!) and if I could go anywhere right now Pololu would be at the top of my list. I’d take the quick little hike down into the valley and find a nice spot on the soft black sand. I would probably bring a good book, but who could take their eyes off the jewel-toned waves rolling in and the lush green valley? A good couple of hours here and my problems would melt away… until it was time to make that long hike back up to reality.

8 Comments on “The Great Pololu Escape

  1. I really like the photo, third from the bottom, of the rocks. In black and white, especially; it gives it an abstract quality!

  2. Agreed, I like the one with rocks and the surf.
    Sorry to read that you had a rough day! Hope things are better now,

  3. Captivating. You can reach out and touch the moisture. Really lovely work.

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