Treasures from Puebla: Trees of Life

Part of travel for me is getting a glimpse of local art, and taking some home if I am lucky. I have developed a weakness for folk art and I had a field day shopping for it when in Puebla. Amongst the sea of beautiful Talavera pottery, turquoise jewelry, and handmade panchos were these magnificent, brightly colored, clay sculptures called Trees of Life.

Some were only a few inches tall and some were taller than me. The more traditional Trees of Life contained Biblical images, most often Adam & Eve, and looked likes candelabras. Other versions contained images of nature, representing the interconnectedness of all life.

Whatever the size, theme, or color scheme, they were all beautiful and I ended up taking two home (small ones that fit in my suitcase and my budget of course).

5 Comments on “Treasures from Puebla: Trees of Life

  1. So colourful and lovely!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful day ahead, always~ Cheers!! :D

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