Lyon and Back Again

Lyon, France

It went by way too fast, like it always does. One minute we’re in Place Saint Jean enjoying fresh ham and cheese baguettes, taking in the warm summer sun and the Renaissance sites of Vieux Lyon, then all of a sudden, I’m back here at home eating leftover pizza in front of my computer wondering where the time went.

Lyon, France

We had finally begun to understand that coffee was all you could order at the cafe next door before 10 am, but after 10, coffee was off limits. We had just figured out how to buy tram tickets for the ride up to the Roman amphitheaters, how to not get really lost in the Presqu’ile, and that the best way to end the night was to share a pichet of wine at a sidewalk cafe (ok, that last one works in other cities too).

Lyon, France

We knew where to find the astrological clock, the Bertholdi fountain, and a nice cold Coca in Place des Terreaux, but it was already time to leave. We never did quite figure out those secret traboule passages in Croix-Rousse though…

Lyon, France

It’s hard to let go of a good trip. I try so hard to keep it fresh in my memory and make it last, because no matter how long I’m there it’s never long enough.

Lyon, France

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