The Paris I Was Looking For

Rue Vavin, Paris, France

For years I’d been led to believe by movies, photos, & books that each street was picture perfect and romance was around every corner in Paris.

Latin Quarter, Paris, France

While I wasn’t sure if any city could actually live up to that reputation, I was on a mission to find my Paris, the vision I’ve formed over the years, collecting bits and pieces in my mind of what I wanted to experience there.

Latin Quarter, Paris

We each search for something unique when we travel. For me it’s often a place to call my piece of the city, where I could spend hours without noticing the time, just being immersed in it all.

Boulevard Raspail, Paris, France

Sometimes it’s a neighborhood of winding cobblestone streets where I can wander lost in time. Sometimes it’s a little cafe that’s been there since before my grandparents were born, with original copper ceiling tiles, good drinks, and a friendly face that remembers me by my second visit. Always, it’s the place I could return to a thousand times and love every minute spent there.

St. Etienne du Mont, Paris, France

Constantly in awe and usually a bit overwhelmed, my first few days in Paris were incredible, but I was still searching for my spot in the city. With so many neighborhoods, each with their own personality, I had a lot to explore before finding my piece of Paris.

Latin Quarter, Paris, France

But I found it.

Montparnasse, Paris, France


5 Comments on “The Paris I Was Looking For

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  2. The title is captivating and the images ooze romance. Real pleasure.

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