History & Beef in Vieux Lyon

Lyon, France

Seemingly insignificant doors that lead to centuries-old passageways… Christian ruins that date back to the 2nd century… Beef Street…

Lyon, France

Vieux Lyon has it’s share of fascinating stuff. I guess one of the reasons I love visiting old towns like this is that I never get over the fascination. I come from a city that can barely keep up it’s buildings from the 1900s, so when I’m walking down a street that’s been there since Roman times and eating my daily baguette in front of a cathedral built before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, I find it all perpetually amazing.

Lyon, France

Places like this capture the imagination. What was life like here in the 2nd century? Who was sneaking down this passageway 600 years ago? Has the steak always been this
great on Beef Street?

Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lyon, France

So much to ponder when wandering through history…

Lyon, France

Lyon, France


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