From the Gardens of Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

The weather is getting warmer here in Detroit, but not quite warm enough to plant flowers just yet. Instead, I edited some garden photos that I took in Hawaii, where they bloom all year long. Happy Spring everyone!

Kona, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii


Talking Flowers in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

One of my favorite things about travel is connecting with the locals. Even if it’s just a brief moment or simple conversation, those are moments I remember. Unfortunately I cannot say that I speak many languages, but when I can fit it into my schedule, I have been studying Spanish and Polish.¬†On a trip to Krakow my very limited Polish paid off.

We were walking through the Planty (a beautiful park that encircles the Old Town) at dusk. I stopped to take a picture as the street lights were turning on and noticed a little lady in my viewfinder hiding from my camera. She was selling small bouquets of little red flowers and I approached her to buy one after I took this photo. To my surprise and delight, I understood everything she said, and I’m pretty sure she understood me as well. I walked away with not only a picture, but some pretty flowers, a smile, and a moment I will always remember.