Talking Flowers in Krakow

Krakow, Poland

One of my favorite things about travel is connecting with the locals. Even if it’s just a brief moment or simple conversation, those are moments I remember. Unfortunately I cannot say that I speak many languages, but when I can fit it into my schedule, I have been studying Spanish and Polish.¬†On a trip to Krakow my very limited Polish paid off.

We were walking through the Planty (a beautiful park that encircles the Old Town) at dusk. I stopped to take a picture as the street lights were turning on and noticed a little lady in my viewfinder hiding from my camera. She was selling small bouquets of little red flowers and I approached her to buy one after I took this photo. To my surprise and delight, I understood everything she said, and I’m pretty sure she understood me as well. I walked away with not only a picture, but some pretty flowers, a smile, and a moment I will always remember.